Nibelungen In our small, private Nibelungenmuseum we tell the tale for children of all ages!

King Alberich says:

  1. Why he has so much gold and what kind of work performed his people.
  2. How he got the Nibelungen treasure back, had sunk the Hagen into the Rhine.
  3. How dwarves and elves celebrate.

Thus saith Alberich, King of the Dwarves:

Come and proves the richest and most powerful king of the earth the honor. See all my splendor and glory. The shine of my gold will dazzle your eyes, so that they hurt. But it is not my gold desires, otherwise you will end up as horrible as once the Nibelungen!

Our legends and fairy-tale world of the Nibelungs is available in German, English and Dutch.

The melody of the Nibelungenlied:

Ignorant souls have you had in ancient times, the melody of the Nibelungenlied can not write, because grades were unknown at that time. The melody was lost on Ever After. Peter Boos is to prove now succeeded in many years of research, that the melody lives on in old folk songs. A song book with 112 verses with lyrics by Peter Boos, which can be sung to the tunes of German folk songs.

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